Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zbrush Fade Turntable


  1. Glad you've had more chance to whip out some character sculpts. I think the high poly work could really be harnessed if HoN went with Starcraft 1/2 style rendered game portraits, it would be a bit of a work haul but I'd bet it look awesome, wouldn't hinder the low spec users either with 2d portraits.

  2. Yea the decission was made very early on that we would just do 2d portraits. This would allow us to save UV space by not having to use so much space for the face of the character which you cant see from game view. Then Someone decided to do it anyways and it looks terrible. If we had decided from the get go to do it, it would have been way better but the amt of time wasn't worth it to go back over all the heroes and make near cinematic busts for the portraits. Mostly cause they would increase the overall file size of the game, and that is something we wanted to keep low. I just use the 2D portrait mod from the forums myself.