Friday, October 23, 2009

S2 Games Character Art for Heroes of Newerth

Watchtower Boss Transmutantstein. before low poly bake.


  1. Zbrush 2 or 3?

    Also what are you using to build the base model?

  2. some of the early models were done with zbrush 2.5 but most of that didn't survive (except maybe the snotter neutrals). The majority of the models were done in 3.1. Currently using Zbrush 3.5 for the newest character I'm Working on.

    And we use 3Dstudio Max, with the exception of S2Los, and S2Jesse we all were Maya people who learned Max on the job.

  3. Crack

    How do you build a organic model?
    I try do that for 3 years and always get lost when the basic is ready and start improve

    To be more clear how do you plan where you will improve the polygon and what you will do after?

  4. understanding anatomy and the way skin flows is essential to improving any model. For me it has been, and continues to be a long process of studying others works, and trying to recreate their work flows.

    many videos and tutorials exist for free on the internet showing you how to create realistic 3d models this is the way I learned.

    Zbrush has been a huge help for me in learning to improve form and anatomy. The program can seem complicated at first glance but it is incredibly intuitive when you get down to it.

    *short answer

    Study people's works on 3d forums
    watch lots of step by step videos
    study anatomy and figure drawing

  5. Nice work man, actually quite intrigued on HoN's normal mapping pipelines. What kind of baking method are you guys using, and how far can you push high res forms in the normal before they are too "overdone". I'm guessing the low texture res is the biggest barrier, it's just i've noticed whilst playing that some heroes like Pest the normals show up a lot, but then on others, not so much.

    Regardless, looking forward to future works!

  6. Because of the nature of the game,the file size, system specs, time lines, and mirrored UVs for the sake of texture space. A vast majority of the heroes' normal maps are created in the texture pipeline (ie Xnormal, CrazyBump). Fact of the matter is at < 3k tris, objects are still very simple and you cant get much more than surface detail to clearly read at the game's camera distance.

    heroes like pyromancer are so small that only a few parts show up with his normal map but the result is not much more than just simply increasing the contrast of the diffuse, because the character has very little specular.

    I got lucky enough to occasionally bust out zbrush when the pipeline wasn't moving so fast.

    Characters that are big enough usually get the time put into them for some zbrush normal mapping.

    Pestilence was done with Crazy Bump I believe. The main reason his and Krakens show up though is that they are extremely specular characters, and their bodies have big open areas where the normal map and texture detail can really show through.

    hope that helps.

  7. Cheers dude, very informative. It's good that there are heroes like Pestilence and Kraken to show off the extra attention to detail with the normal mapping.

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  9. Thanks
    I will try more

    keep the fantastic work : >

  10. Awesome models! I've been learning Maya for about a year. How difficult is it to get into Zbrush?

  11. Can you tell me , if it is possible to create hero animation with maya or another program ? Because i can not undestand the way that 3ds max bones work ...

    Please i need your help !